5 Things You Must Do Before Adopting a Cat

Small shelters do their due diligence in the process of screening potential pet owners. They also introduce them to their new feline family members. The entire process may get somewhat overwhelming for the small shelters. This is especially true in situations where they get more applications than usual.

During this entire process, you can have some time to get your home ready for your cat. Here are a few things that you can do before welcoming your feline friend into the household:

1. Make a list of shelters

You might be already having some details of your local adoption agencies or shelters. However, if you don’t have these details, you can make a list of shelters located close to your home. Look for the reputed organizations that are registered non-profits.

Go to their website and do a little bit of research yourself. This would give you an idea how they treat animals. You can also benefit from a few websites that help you find shelters or rescue organizations in your neighborhood.

2. Have an open mind

Before you take a look at your potential feline friend, talk to your family members. Even if you’re living with roommates, talk to them about your decision. If you’re planning to take care of the cat yourself, you certainly wouldn’t want an objection from anyone. Be clear about the tasks that everyone must perform such as feeding, clean-up, and playtime activities.

This would help in preventing any conflicts later on. Once you’ve done these things, it’s time to see all those adorable faces of cats at the shelter. One important thing to remember is to know whether the cat breed is right for your lifestyle. Kittens that are quite active need a lot of engagement from their owners. On the other hand, matured cats would need a more quiet environment.

3. Get the space ready for your cat

The space you’ve decided for your cat must be kept clean and ready before its arrival. You’d certainly want your feline friend to be happy and safe in its space. Keep all those exposed wires, unsecured furniture, and poisonous plants away. Include a scratching post for the cat.

If possible, you must also have a cat tree to give your furry friend something exciting for its playtime. In this way, you can also prevent it from being on top of a cabinet in your house. To keep your feline friend occupied, you can also include some cat toys.

4. Have the right feeding setup

Cats have highly sensitive whiskers. It’s important, therefore, to have shallow and wide feeding bowls. Arrange a high-quality diet with meat as the main ingredient. The felines are carnivores. So, they need high amounts of animal protein, limited amount of carbohydrates, and moderate amount of fats.

Of course, dry foods offer more convenience, but you’ll need wet food to fulfill your cat’s water requirements. It has been observed that cats often play more and drink less when you give it only water. A mix of different formats and flavors in protein would give them more variety in food.

5. Set up a spare room

A cat needs some time to get used to their new environment. You can help in making them comfortable in the new settings. This might involve giving them a dedicated space to relax. Set up a spare room or the corner of your bathroom with all their essential items. Then, you can allow them to come to you. Although cats may take some time to warm up, many of them get curious after a few days.

5 Things You Must Do Before Adopting a Cat

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