7 Low Maintenance Breeds for New Cat Owners

When you decide to adopt a cat for the first time, you’ll obviously be excited about it. However, it can also be overwhelming. This is because the process is not as simple as it seems. A cat appears cute and cuddly, but you also have to work on it a lot. This is especially true in case of a kitten than a grown-up cat. In a way, cats require very low maintenance as compared to dogs.

Although they’re low-maintenance pets, they still need your love, care, and attention. You’ll have to know what and when to feed them and how to train them. If you’re first-time owner, you’ll certainly look for a cat that makes your life easier. Here are a few options in low-maintenance breeds for new cat owners:

1. Siamese Cats

They are cats with a great personality. Siamese cats are not only loyal but also very curious and social. A Siamese cat can be fun to have around you and it’s very intelligent. As these cats don’t have long hair, they don’t require a lot of combing or grooming. This makes Siamese cat one of the best low-maintenance cat breeds.

2. Maine Coon

Over the years, Main Coon cats have built a reputation for being friendly and playful pets. Sometimes, they might exhibit dog-like tendencies, such as walking on a leash. So, this cat breed can be a great option to consider if you’ve been a dog owner until now. Main Coon cats are easy to train and are highly adaptable. Besides, these cats are smart and would love your attention just like dogs.

3. Somali

Somalis have an abundance of energy, which means that these cats are super active and playful. Although they prefer to be with their owners, Somalis are quite capable of entertaining themselves. They’re pets that love to socialize and are comfortable being around other animals and people. So, if you have other pets or a big family, you’ll not have any trouble with these cats.

4. Ragdolls

If you’re seeking a feline friend that’s cuddly and fun to play with, bring a Ragdoll. These cats are of a good nature and can get along with anyone. They’re also easy to clean and groom. Ragdolls are also very adaptable, relaxed, and love to snuggle.

5. Sphynx

Many individuals avoid cats because they don’t like to deal with their hair. If you’re one of them, Sphynx would be a fantastic choice. These hairless cats are quite unique with regards to looks. Besides, you don’t need to worry about getting them groomed. They’re also very loving, laid-back, and relaxed.

6. American Shorthair

You’ll not have any difficulty in finding this cat breed if you’re in the United States. These cats are easy to adopt, making it a great choice for the first-time cat owners. They’re also known for their pleasant, loving, and relaxed personality. You’ll need to give it your attention, but they don’t need it constantly. This is because these cats can entertain themselves well.

7. Burmese

These cats are well-known for possessing dog-like qualities. Burmese cats are extremely devoted to their owners, and are intelligent, and curious. They love to be around people, but they’ll often be by your side. If you admire the loyalty of dogs, these cats are no less. This is why many owners of Burmese cats develop strong bonds with them.

7 Low Maintenance Breeds for New Cat Owners

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